Water Feature

Light shades of blue, alluvial grays, and glaciar-milk white were color tools that helped transform the crowded and dim master bath to a bright and spa-like environment. The footprint remained the same, but the heavily proportioned fixtures, trims and finishes were stripped and so were the small windows, wall partitions and ceiling soffits. A palette of subtle colors, contrasting textures and layers of stunning lighting created a sense of spaciousness and calm.

When owners ask for a master suite that allows for two busy professionals to awake, bathe and dress at different times of the morning without disturbing one another, skilled planning is required. Solutions included sound isolation, sound masking with innovative water flow devices in the bath and sound absorbing materials in the bedroom. As a retreat from their busy work lifestyle,bathroom creature comforts included a heated stone floor, a steam shower, and a soaking tub with backrest and book ledge.