From Ship Wreck to Hip

The homeowners had dual objectives - to modify the home so it would operate more sustainably and to create a contemporary character that would enhance the value. The existing house resembled an old ship with a fir “mast” as the center post to an over-scaled spiral staircase. The column was removed in large sections, then milled to create the risers for a new open-riser staircase. Beams of natural light shine through the glass balustrade into the lower level central hall. New ventilating windows, doors with glass panels, energy-efficient and dramatically styled lighting transformed the interior to a bright and open fresh space.

When owners embrace an environmentally responsible ethic, the project becomes interesting. It’s compelling to find the uncommon ways to deconstruct a structure, saving what’s valuable and removing the toxic components. Repurposing materials and choosing energy efficient systems and eco-friendly materials is rewarding. For the homeowner, the benefit is a healthy environment and an excellent long term investment.