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Kitchen Reel

Janie Boyl Studio has created kitchens of many flavors for people of various appetites. Customizing for the needs, taste and style of clients is truly one of Janie's specialties and it shows in the diversity of  custom kitchens that she has designed and built.

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Bathroom Reel

Function and flair are the ingredients that create a great bathroom. What is concealed behind the walls to make if function properly is just as important as the surfaces that make it look beautiful. Sensational design, efficient use of space, technical expertise, and personalized problem-solving help to create spa-like comfort, guaranteed dependability, and breath-taking beauty to every bathroom project.

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Interior Spaces Reel

People  often want to live in spaces that reflect their desired lifestyle, Janie Boyl Studio can make the transformation happen. Our expertise in making the best use of existing space, enhancing the appearance of feature areas, or redefining old space for a new purpose will customize your home to better meet your family's lifestyle needs.

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Construction Reel

There is no greater pleasure than starting from scratch and creating something truly unique. Your ideas for fabricating a unique building, for building an addition to an existing one, or for transforming a space in need of improvement will be moved from  something imagined to a living space to be enjoyed. We can take you through the steps of the process and ensure that it will be a rewarding experience.

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Commercial Reel

With intelligent and thoughtful design practices, Janie Boyl  Studio makes efficient use of  commercial clients' time and resources. From concept to occupancy, our approach is to be  insightful, and responsive and effective. Janie Boyl Studio strives to create spaces which enhance your business through collaboration with management teams, contractors and creatives.

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Details Reel

"It's all in the details", they say. Janie Boyl Studio truly believes that unique details are responsible for creating spaces with iconic style. This is why Janie Boyl Studio takes time getting to know a client's personality, interests, taste, and needs in the process of finalizing a design concept. This collaboration leads to the creation of spaces that are a one-of–a-kind representation of the client.


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